Grammy’s 2012

13 Feb


Hello Foo Fighters… So pleased they are a stand out artist this year! How about their collaboration with the Canadian house music king Deadmau5? How much would you (or I) have loved to have been in the crowd during that performance, talk about energy! The vibe of that place was felt through the television set in my small town home in N.B

Jennifer Hudson, I have got to say you have stepped it up this past year. You cannot deny this girls talent. What a delivery of the late Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. I am sure Whitney was one of her biggest inspirations, and you could see that through the sporadic trembling, yet solid composure and strength she kept throughout her performance.

Now I may get some slack from this, especially because I am usually a fan of this artist, but what’s up with Nicki Minaj tonight?!? There is such a thing in Hollywood as trying too hard, and I feel there is no way better to describe the usually envelope pushing, yet talented Minaj. I respect her for being enveloped with the theme of her performance from the second she stepped on the red carpet, but if people start showing up at awards shows like she did this evening, I will quickly become disinterested. You can push the envelope, and be an individual, but there is a point where it becomes a little much… and a little tacky. Lady Gaga has it nailed- she is aware of how to push the envelope, and get a rise out of people without looking as though she is craving attention- which is a talent in itself.


She deserves a paragraph to herself. What a talented, down to earth yet intriguing individual. She has pure talent that’s matched with a magnetic presence we can’t help but be memorized by. She deserved all of her Grammy’s, especially for her album ’21’. You can tell she put her heart into that album, and her music touches ours. Adele is a true artist.

Now Paul McCartney; you may be old(er) than you were in your prime, and many people may think you have ‘lost your groove’; but man oh man, that guy has proved those people wrong tonight. With the help of other artists, he truly rocked the house. As much as people want to criticize him, I would give anything to be that talented at 69.

The Beach Boys ‘Good Vibrations’ performance needs a mention. Not much to say about it except that their performance brought back memories. Isn’t it funny when you haven’t heard a song in ages yet still know all the words?

Aaaaand to my favorite- The Civil Wars who won best Folk Album! How great is it that they opened for the very talented (and very beautiful) Taylor Swift with a compacted version of their song ‘Barton Hollow’? I believe that their performance (and music) will explode after tonight. When I listen to them, I am brought back to a time when- the voices and instruments people partook in around a fire were all that mattered. That energy and feeling you get when you listen to them is undeniably humbling, emotional, yet uplifting. They are true performers with talent that is rare to come by in our society which tends to focus more on synthesizers than the talent of actual people.

There are many other artists I have enjoyed tonight yet not mentioned. There is only so much I can say about people, many of them who are truly talented, so I focused on the ones which stood out to me. I hope that you have enjoyed, agreed, or disagreed with what I shared. Either way, thanks for reading my first blog and feel free to give me any feedback (good or bad), all is welcomed!


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