My Choices for the Grammy’s Best Dressed Females

13 Feb

I found there was an overwhelming amount of Worst Dressed at this years Grammy Awards, which in turn made it a bit tricky creating the Best Dressed list. Either way, these are my personal picks for the Best Dressed Females!


1. Jessie J- What an age appropriate, fun, yet in a way classic looking dress! For all of those reasons this is my number one pick! Where else would you have the opportunity to wear a dress quite like this? I mean look at those curves, she rocked it!

2. Kelly Rowland- I was not a fan of her hair style, but that gown is stunning. The color is beautiful against her skin tone, and her accessories accent the top of the dress perfectly. This would have been my number one choice but it fell short because of her hair… I believe a more subtle hairstyle would really have show that dress in all it’s glory.

3. Joy Williams- Black gowns can either look stunning, or too safe. Joy Williams has definitely nailed it with this one. The top looks a little conservative, but with that slit it gives the gown a whole new life. It is the perfect combination of sweetness with a bit of edge.

4. Carrie Underwood- There is no denying she looked stunning. My only issue is it’s along the same color palate she always goes for. She is in her late 20’s so she should have a little more fun with her wardrobe while she can! She always looks classic but I’m waiting for that one outfit that surprises me!

5. Rihanna- I always expect a shock value with Rihanna and was surprised with her choice (in a good way). The plunging neck line and slit shows off that attitude and confidence she exudes, yet she kept it from being too over the top. I’m sure if someone else wore this I might not have been a fan, but it’s different than what I’m used to seeing on her and she pulled it off. Also, she designed this outfit herself with the help of Armani so she stays very original in that sense. That hair though… I won’t go there…

6. Kate Beckinsale- Ummmm can this woman do wrong? She can pull anything off. Love that she went for a shorter length dress this time around! If I had legs like that I would show them off to0!

7. Taylor Swift- I was a bit on the fence with this one at first… but then again, she definitely stands out! It was a bit bolder and more mature than gowns I’ve seen her in in the past, but I think in the end she really pulled it off.

8. Miranda Lambert- She left her cowgirl boots and knee length dresses at home this time! She looks beautiful in this flattering cap sleeve gown. Classic and beautiful is all I can say with this one!

9. Julianne Hough- Another one that tends to look good in whatever she wears. I would have liked to see a bit more color, but all-in-all really nothing I can pinpoint as not looking good with this picture! Loved that she chose to wear her hair down, really makes the overall look youthful and fun.

10. Adele- She swept up at the Grammy’s last night, but the dress didn’t quite sweep me off my feet. There really isn’t anything wrong with it except for the fact that it’s black… as always. She’s only 23! I just find that the dress ages her a bit. She’s another one I am still waiting to be surprised by! That hair and lipstick make it all come together and that’s why she JUST made my top ten list.

My Worst Dressed list will be posted later today!


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