My Choice for the Grammy’s Worst Dressed Females

14 Feb

And here are my choices for the Worst dressed!

1. Robyn- I am not showing Robyn any love when it comes to this outfit. I could throw this ensemble together by adding platforms to my boyfriends work boots, and wrapping my bed sheet around myself (the difference is I would never do that). Everything about this is so unflattering. Robyn has a rocking body, can you tell? Yeah me either… Too distracted by those boots. To top it off, the hair… Maybe if she had of gone for an edgy look (with taste) she may have been able to pull off that hairstyle, but this is just wrong from head to toe.

2. Nicki Minaj- The only reason she didn’t top my worst dressed list is that she was going for a theme last night, Robyn had no excuse. Either way, this outfit just wasn’t necessary. You can barely see her pouty (I’m sure she was going for ‘sultry’) face through the red… ummm… dress? cape? blanket? I don’t even know what this is… But I do know it didn’t work. Maybe next time? This actually doesn’t give me much hope.

3. Cyndi Lauper- I didn’t know this was a dress up party! Oh wait… she’s not suppose to be an old witch who’s under a spell that makes her think she’s in her 20’s? My bad. You can show skin while staying classy- this is just a mess. It does nothing for her body, and makes it look like she’s trying too hard (which she is). Maybe it’s just a midlife crisis? I can only hope because my eyes can’t handle going through that again.

4. Skylar Grey- The hair doesn’t match the make-up, the make-up doesn’t match the dress, the dress doesn’t go with the shoes, the shoes don’t go with this hair, aaaaaaand repeat. Is she trying to look grunge? Is she trying to look classy? Is she trying to look older than she is? Either way, this whole thing confuses me… She must have been confused when she put this together because it doesn’t make sense.The dress could have really worked for someone, but it did nothing for her, or she did nothing for it? Yet again confused, moving on!

5. Linda Ramone- Remember when those boots used to be in style? Yeah, me either. Oh and she has a matching clutch, makes this outfit even more tacky. The dress maybe could have worked if it was paired with different accessories… And on a different person… Maybe she just wanted everyone to focus on her hair, look, no greys! Whoa isn’t that amazing?? Or it’s just colored. Trying to help you out here Linda but you’re not giving me anything, except a headache from the glare. It’s like staring at the sun. Must. Look. Away.

6. Alison Krauss- Insert obvious doily comment. This does absolutely nothing for her. Her hair and makeup looks fantastic, then all is lost when you look at the rest. It’s just so… frumpy. That’s what she looks like, a frumpy doily, enough said.

7. Esperanze Spalding- It looks like she didn’t even take the time to have her dress ironed, or put a brush through her hair. The tie-dye effect just isn’t working here either. The belt is cute, but just doesn’t quite go with the mess of things. I get that a lot of celebrity’s have been going for that bedhead look with their hair, but I think someone needs to tell her they don’t actually just get out of bed and go. She missed the mark with this one. Get up a little earlier next time Esperanze, then maybe you’ll do better.

8. Fergie- You know that feeling when you think you see your panty line through your dress? Well apparently Fergie doesn’t. This had the potential to be a stunning gown, but instead she thought her black underwear would look better? Well I am here to say it does not… Sorry Fergie Ferg, but you do not look Fergalicious.

9. Diana Ross- The sleeves of her blazer are too long, as are her pants. She’s been around long enough, her stylists have got to know her size by now! She has the right idea (sort of?). If the outfit fit her properly it could have worked maybe… I guess we’ll never know, but I know it didn’t work this time.

10. Katy Perry- You do know the smurf movie ended a long time ago, and even then you didn’t have to dress up like one. Some people say that she pulled this dress off, I disagree. This is just a tad too mature looking for this vibrant 27 year old. Maybe she’s still got the blue’s over her divorce? (<-bad joke) Either way she made it into the final spot on my worst dressed list!


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