Midnight in Paris

20 Feb

‘Midnight in Paris’ is up or 4 Academy Awards: Art Direction, Original Screenplay, Directing, and Best Picture.

Art Direction is basically (and I’m no expert) the look of the film in terms of colors, lighting, etc. These are the creative people that set the stage for each scene. The movie took place in both 2010 and the 1920’s (I will explain the synopsis of the movie once I get to Best Picture); therefore the ones in charge of art direction had to be extremely knowledgeable of that era in order to create not only the appropriate stage, but also one that’s done correctly. I did see this movie, and it could quite possibly win this Oscar. In my opinion, the art direction was very creative, and really gave me a feeling of what the 1920’s were like. The two people who are up for the Oscar in this category are Hélène Dubreuil (set decorator), and Anne Seibel (production designer).

Original Screenplay is the writer of the script for a film and Directing is the person who supervises, or controls the film, as well as the actors. Woody Allen is up for both of these Oscars. I don’t have much to say about these categories except that I enjoyed the story-line, and thought the movie was very well done so I would be happy if this film won in either category.

Best Picture– This category is considered the most important at the Oscars, and as many of us know, is the final Academy Award given.

Here is my synopsis of ‘Midnight in Paris’- This film is about time travel, but very uncomplicated time travel. The main character Gil (Owen Wilson) is looking for inspiration for his new novel. Him and his fiance Inez (Rachel McAdams) take the opportunity to travel to Paris with her parents who have to be there on business. While there, Gil goes on about how he feels he was born in the wrong era, and thinks he would have loved to have been part of Paris in the 1920’s (an idea which his fiance doesn’t care for). While out on a walk by himself one night, the clock strikes midnight, and a horse and buggy pull up. He decides to get in, and is suddenly in 1920’s. He continues to do this night after night, meeting many historical and inspiration figures along the way (I won’t name who because I don’t want to give away any surprises). Therefore he gets a chance to be part of an era which he believed he would enjoy more than the one he is apart of in reality. That’s really I can say without giving any specifics away about the film.

Although I did enjoy this film, I personally don’t think ‘Midnight in Paris’ is the Best Picture of the year. It is a good movie though (especially if you’re into art, writing, history, or just Paris) and I think it’s worth a watch.


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