The Artist

21 Feb

‘The Artist’ is nominated for 10 Academy Awards: Achievement in Art Direction, Achievement in Cinematography, Achievement in Costume Design, Achievement in Directing, Achievement in Film Editing, Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures Original Score, Original Screenplay, Actress in a Supporting Role, Actor in a Leading Role, and Best Picture. I wrote 10 there, right?

This film clearly up for many Oscars, and sure to walk away with at least a few! I won’t go into detail about every award because that would take up most of my day (and probably yours especially if I started rambling…) So I’ve decided to narrow it down to the 4 I think the majority of people are most interested in knowing about.

Directing– French director Michel Hazanavicius is up for the Oscar in this category. This is his first Academy Awards nomination. He was the person in charge of the film, and the one guiding the actors, which I’m sure is not an easy task especially for a silent film. He is extremely talented if in this day, he can not only create a well-received silent film, but one which has been nominated for countless awards over this years awards season.  There’s not much I can say about this nomination other then it is well deserved.

Actress in a Supporting Role– Bérénice Bejo is nominated in this category. She plays the role of Peppy Miller, an enthusiastic fan who bumps into silent film start George Valentin (Jean Dujardin). After she kisses Valentin in front of everyone, including photographers, her photo is then splashed across the front page of next days paper with the title “Who’s That Girl?”. In the film she goes on to fall in love with Valentin, and becomes a major movie start. I have not seen ‘The Artist’ so really can’t go into detail of how she progresses from being unknown to extremely famous; but if a silent film star can be up for an Academy Award in Hollywood, I’m sure she deserves the nomination (and possibly the Oscar).

Actor in a Leading Role– Jean Dujardin is nominated for his role as silent film star George Valentin, who loves being in the spotlight and the attention he receives from it. He is at the height of his popularity when in 1927, a fan named Peppy Miller (Bejo), with whom he later falls in love, bumps into him and kisses him in front of everyone. As time goes on, his popularity begins to decline and with the hit of the depression in the 1930’s, he is no longer in the spotlight and turns to alcoholism. The only ones who stay by his side are his Jack Russel Terrier (who is now almost as famous as the actors in this film) and Peppy (who’s rise to fame is in part the reason for Valentin’s fall from it). Again, can’t go into much detail as I have not seen the film but I’m sure his nomination for this role is well deserved.

Best Picture– The film ‘The Artist’ is George Valentin’s (Dujardin) and Peppy Miller’s (Bejo) love story. It is a film filled with emotion and wit which is felt through the actors silent portrayals of their characters. This film has recieved much praise, and is the first silent film to be nominated for an Oscar is 83 years. The last time a silent film won an Oscar was 1928 (I have a feeling that will change on Sunday). This is a film for all audiences, and one which I hope to soon see!


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