War Horse

22 Feb

‘War Horse’ is nominated for 6 Academy Awards: Art Direction, Cinematography, Music Written for Motion Pictures Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Best Picture.

Like I did with ‘The Artist’, I am going to focus on 4 of the nominations.

Cinematography– Janusz Kaminski is nominated for this Oscar. For those of you who aren’t 100% of what a cinematographer does, they are the person in charge of the technical aspects of filming: image sensor & film stock, filters (clearness and color), lens, depth and field focus, aspect ratio and framing (width and height), lighting and camera movement. They work very closely with the director because the director is the visionary who has the final say. Therefore the cinematographer wants to ensure they capture the directors vision. I have not yet seen this film, but from the previews alone I’ve seen the cinematography looks incredible. I believe Janusz Kaminski has a very good chance of winning this Oscar.

Sound Mixing/Editing– Gary Rydstrom, Andy Nelson, Tom Johnson and Stuart Wilson are nominated for the Oscar in Sound Mixing. Sound mixing is when (after filming) they combine recorded sounds in order to get the full effect of a scene. The sounds are usually manipulated, and effects may be added. The mixing includes speech, music, sound effects, and atmosphere. Gary Rydstrom is also nominated in the category of Sound Editing, along with Richard Hymns. Sound editing is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve heard that this movie had incredible sound and music (it takes place during WWI) therefore I’m sure it is very deserving of the nomination in both these categories.

Best Picture– ‘War Horse’ takes place during WWI, with the focus on a young man Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine) and his horse, Joey. Albert tames and trains Joey, but then is forced to part after the horse is sold to cavalry and shipped to France. As time goes on, Albert becomes old enough to go to war, and believes his old horse is most likely dead (because the man who owned him was killed in battle). The film shows the audience both Joey’s and Alberts journey (to a degree). It is a story of friendship, war, and high adventure. I personally did not see this movie in theaters solely due to the fact I figured I would cry and would rather do that watching the movie in the comfort of my own home, haha. I will definitely see this movie when it comes out, and have heard it is quite incredible. In my opinion (based on what I’ve heard and read) I believe it to be a top contender for Best Picture.


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