Brit Awards 2012 Worst Dressed

24 Feb

Here are my pics for the 2012 Brit Awards Worst Dressed Females!


1. Paloma Faith- Paloma is not in full bloom with this awkward legth, awkward fitting floral dress. To make the length even worse, she decided to pair it with black heels and black socks (because that’s always a good look?) Black socks and sandals are bad, but this may be worse… especially since there is photographic evidence… I am having a hard time finding words to describe the hat, hair and gloves. The only thing that comes to mind is wrong, so wrong that she made my top spot for worst dressed!

2. Emeli Sande- The first thought that comes to mind when I see this is Charlie Chaplin… These are the Brits! I don’t know why she’s dressing like a style-lacking politician. I get that her hair has been the same for a while, so I can’t say much except it’s the blonde icing on this horribly unflattering outfit. The belt is a good effort, but the overall look is mute (another Charlie Chaplin reference). It says it all when you have 2 Charlie Chaplin references in one description…

3.  Little Mix- Little mess… or big one. These girls shouldn’t be giving eachother fashion advice, I think they need to outsource that information. This in my opinion is the WRONG way to incorporate neon. The green dress looks like it’s duck-taped together, and that pink lipstick is too much. Silver pants with pink boots, enough said. A failed attempt at a sexy school girl looking outfit… And the one on the far left doesn’t look quite as bad, but if she were alone she would (for those of you who have seen ‘Hall Pass’, you know exactly what I mean)- the velvet black mini dress and boots with London’s flag just aren’t doing anything good except bringing back 90’s flashbacks of the Spice Girls (which isn’t always a bad thing, just when it comes to fashion in the year 2012-> take note from Emma Bunton girls).

4. Alexandra Burke- I’m pretty sure Spartacus is fully casted… Is that some sort of armor she’s wearing around her neck? Possibly made of wood? It looks extremely uncomfortable and cuts her arms off at an unflattering spot. Her hair and make-up look great, but it just doesn’t go with this tacky looking dress. The dress looks like it hasn’t been ironed, or measured to fit her body (it’s a little long). She obviously has a great toned body so it’s disappointing she wouldn’t go for a more figure-flattering ensemble.

5. Cher Lloyd- For some reason this looks like a glammed up spacesuit… Maybe she’s promoting a new music video? OR maybe she’s making an 80’s workout video?? All signs point to probably NOT, therefore I don’t get why she chose this outfit. It’s definitely not red carpet attire. My heart goes out to her shoes because they would be gorgeous if paired with something else, but clash horribly with this outfit. Shoes are too glam for this overly casual looking jumpsuit. Maybe get your workouts in before hitting the red carpet Cher…

6. Dame Kelly Holmes- This dress looks like it should be a hat on the Mad Hatters head instead of a dress on the red carpet. Do you see it? Anyway, the pattern is 80’s (and not the instyle sort of 80’s wear), and I just don’t know what’s happening at the bottom of it. It looks like a botched homemade attempt to make the bottom stiff and straight; and those boots…They definitely don’t go with a short, summery looking dress. Maybe she was going for a Mad Hatter look? He always clashes and his outfits don’t seem to make sense, just like this…

7. DJ Sara Cox- Ummm, should I tell her? The toga party was LAST week… Oh, she knew that? Ok… this is awkward… This dress is soooo unflattering. It looks like a glorified sack just hanging off of her; and the fact it cuts off just above the ankle isn’t flattering for anyone. The cream colored shoes also clashes with the white dress. Overall a frumpy looking get-up.

8. Florence Welch- I hate that she is on this list because I love her, BUT I need to be objective in order to be honest. So in being honest, I do not love this look on her… or even like it. The color is too close to her skin tone and completely washes her out. If the final Twilight movie wasn’t post-production I’m sure her phone would be ringing off the hook. Anyway, I’m sure the dress is gorgeous, and red carpet worthy, but definitely not for her. The shoes are fun though! (Had to give her something). But also have to give her a spot on my worst dressed list!

9. Jessie J- So dissapointed after she had been my number one pick for Best Dressed after the Grammy’s! At least her undergarments are the same color as the dress? Either way, I don’t think it’s a very classy look. I really don’t want to see women strutting their stuff on the red carpet in their underwear (which this look is basically glorified lingerie). Props to her for being so comfortable in her skin, but it’s not a good look, nor red carpet appropriate.

10. Laura Whitmore- LBD gone wrong. The dress is a little too tight, and a little too short. The shoes attempt to add a pop of color, but she should have gone with something other than a mustard yellow suede shoe. Good ideas that didn’t translate on the red carpet, but rather translated into her topping off my worst dressed list!


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