25 Feb

‘Moneyball’ is nominated for 6 Academy Awards: Film Editing, Sounds Mixing, Writing- Adapted Screenplay, Actor in a Supporting Role, Actor in a Leading Role and Best Picture.

Again, I will focus on 4 of the 6 nominations.

Writing, Adapted Screenplay– I have yet to write about this category, that’s why I chose it. Steven Zaillian, Stan Chervin and Aaron Sorkin are nominated in this category. It is an ‘Adapted’ Screenplay because it is based on a true story. Adapted screenplays differ from original screenplays in the way that they are stories that have already happened/been told; whether it be based on a true story, a novel, a play, or another film. I did see Moneyball, and I believe they captured the story in a way that audiences can’t help but feel the emotion, tension, and triumph of the events that occured  (will go into the description of the film when I discuss its Best Picture nomination). Moneyball deserves this nomination, and out of the nominees in this category, I hope they win.

Actor in a Supporting Role– Jonah Hill is nominated in this category. This is Jonah’s first serious role, and I never thought I would see this young man up for an Academy Award; yet he certainly deserves it for his role as Peter Brand in ‘Moneyball’. Brand’s unorthodox ideas are potential game changers when he is hired on as Billy Beane’s (Brad Pitt) assistant and helps reinvent the Oakland A’s baseball team. His philosophy is that Billy needs to stop buying good players, rather start buying wins. I will go into more of a description in the synopsis, but I think Jonah Hill did surprising well in this movie. He has more talent than I think many people (including myself) expected.

Actor in a Leading Role– (No introduction needed) Brad Pitt. Pitt plays Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s general manager who attempts to put together a successful baseball team in an unorthodox way never before attempted. The Oakland A’s are allocated far less money than, for example, the NY Yankees. Therefore they can’t afford the highly paid star athletes, and have to rethink their decision making in order to build a team that stands a chance at winning. He has many people fighting against his belief in the idea of buying cheap wins based on undervalued players, but keeps pushing for the idea as he truly believes in it. Brad Pitt did an excellent job portraying Billy Beane, yet he has stiff competition and I believe this category is anyone’s game.

Best Picture– ‘Moneyball’ is based on the unfairly low-budgeted baseball team the Oakland Athletics, and their transformation through the concept of moneyball installed by their general manager Billy Beane. When Beane meets young Peter Brand, Brand tells him of the concept ‘moneyball’- a statistical way of looking at baseball. He believes that if you form a team with a better on-base percentage, that will equal more wins (as oppose to buying a played solely based on speed, and contact). They look to form a team with baseballs undervalued players who’s percentages together can get more wins. Everyone (except Beane and Brand) are against the idea. They don’t believe a baseball team can win solely based on statistics. Against everyone’s advice, Billy Beane follows through with the idea, and builds a low-budget team from a statistical standpoint. It is a story of heart, triumph, and an idea that changes the game forever. Even if you don’t enjoy baseball, this movie is so much more than that. It is in my opinion, definitely one to watch. It deserves this nomination, but I don’t think it will win the Oscar based on the other outstanding films nominated in this category.


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