The Descendants

25 Feb

‘The Descendants’ is nominated for 5 Academy Awards: Writing-Adapted Screenplay, Film Editing, Directing, Actor in a Leading Role and Best Picture.

Seeing as how in my previous blog about ‘Moneyball’ I had the description of an Adapted Screenplay, I will focus on the other 4 nominations.

Film Editing– Kevin Tent is nominated in this category. He’s the one who creates the final picture by combining the shots into sequences.  He decides which scenes make the cut, and which ones don’t. His role is extremely important in taking all the scenes that have been shot, and crunching them down in a way that tells the full story within just a few hours. All of the films in this category are outstanding, therefore it’s hard to tell which ones seem more likely to win as they all deserve it.

Directing– Alexander Payne is nominated in this category. As I have previously stated in my other blogs, the Director is the person in charge of the film, and the one guiding the actors. He translates his vision of the story into the movie. Again, another category with many outstanding Directors, but Alexander Payne certainly deserves this nomination for his work on ‘The Descendants’.

Actor in a Leading Role– George Clooney is nominated in this category for his role as Matt King; a father who tries to reconnect with his daughters after his wife is put on life support following a boating accident (will go into more detail in the synopsis). I have not seen this film, but have heard that George Clooney does has an outstanding performance of a father fighting to keep his family together. From what I have heard and read, I believe Clooney is one of the top contenders for this Oscar.

Best Picture– ‘The Descendants’ is a seriocomic film (mix of serious, yet comedic situations) about Matt King, a father who learns of his wife Elizabeth’s (Patricia Hastey) affair from his daughters after his wife is put into the hospital on life support following a boating accident. King takes his two out of control daughters on a journey to confront the man with whom his wife was having an affair in hopes of keeping his family together. It is the story of both painful revelations, yet humorous and emotional growth King goes through with his daughters, dealing with the news of his wife’s affair, and the looming situation he must deal with with his wife being on life-support. This film is one of the most talked about Oscar nominees of the year, and I believe is one of the top contenders for Best Picture.


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