The Tree of Life

25 Feb

‘The Tree of Life’ is nominated for 3 Academy Awards: Cinematography, Directing and Best Picture.

Cinematography– Emmanuel Lubezki is nominated in this category. As previously started in my ‘War Horse’ blog, the cinematographer is the person in charge of the technical aspects of filming: image sensor & film stock, filters (clearness and color), lens, depth and field focus, aspect ratio and framing (width and height), lighting and camera movement. They work very closely with the director because the director is the visionary who has the final say. Therefore the cinematographer wants to ensure they capture the directors vision. I have not seen this movie but based on the previews, it’s obvious the cinematography is beautifully done.

Directing– Terrence Malick is nominated in this category. Malick’s signature imagery is obvious throughout the film. He previously directed ‘The Thin Red Line’ where he received an Academy Awards Nomination, yet did not win. He now has another chance 13 years later with this film, and although extremely talented, is up against much talent in this category.

Best Picture- The film follows the story of Jack (Sean Penn & Hunter McCracken) who is questioning the existence of faith in modern day as he wants to reconcile his relationship with his father (Brad Pitt). The movie mainly takes place during his childhood in the 1950’s as he looks back to better understand how his environment shaped him into the man he is today. Much of who he is was shaped by his complicated relationship with his father. That’s my basic understanding of what the film entails. This is the second Best Picture nominated film featuring Brad Pitt. It is definitely one I will watch and it has received excellent reviews, yet it hasn’t really received as much Oscar buzz as some of the other Best Picture nominated films.


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