Academy Awards Worst Dressed

28 Feb

Here are my choices for the Academy Awards Worst Dressed females.

Anne-Sophie Bion in a garbage bag.

1. Anne-Sophie Bion- She was the editor for ‘The Artist’… well she clearly wasn’t part of costume design. When people say ‘you would look good in a garbage bag’ they don’t mean to give you the confidence to think you could literally get away with wearing one in public, especially at the Oscars. This ill fitting, wrinkle filled, unflattering dress is trash; and that’s why she made my number one spot!

2. Livia Giuggiolo- Just because your husband is always so dapper, that doesn’t mean you can slack off in the fashion department. I keep wanting to check out what Colin Firth is wearing but her dress is too distracting! Maybe she wore this dress so women wouldn’t be checking him out? That would still be no excuse for this unflattering Valentino number. The fact that she keeps pulling my eyes away from Colin Firth puts her at my number 2 spot… And the fact that it’s ugly.

3. Ana Faris- Whyyyyy would she wear this?? This is the Oscars, have some fun with what you choose to wear. It doesn’t fit her in any aspect: the arms are too long, it’s not figure flattering, and the bottom looks like she’d be stepping on it all night. Oh I wish she would have! Maybe put a slit in it to give it something youthful? But then everyone would think Angelina Jolie started a fashion trend on the red carpet… oh that right leg… scratch that idea. Really disappointed in her choice of this Diane von Furstenberg dress. She should have taken advantage of the chance at being on the red carpet with her husband (who was in ‘Moneyball’) because we all know she won’t be getting a nomination anytime soon.

Livia Giuggiolo in Valentino.

4. Melissa Leo- This dress is reminiscent of the one she wore to last years Academy Awards- it has basically the same fit (short sleeves, bit of a neckline, slit up the front). If she was on last years worst dress lists, you’d think she’d maybe do something different? Well she sort of did, it’s not the exact same dress.. it’s worse. This Reem Accra looks more like a glorified housecoat than a dress. Or maybe it’s more of a shirt dress? Whatever it is, it’s not for the red carpet… or any other event for that matter.

5. Jane Seymour- Three words- trying too hard. She is a beautiful woman but this Pamella Roland dress doesn’t show that. The plunging neckline is a little too much for someone her age. This outfit is reminiscent of something her character from ‘Wedding Crashers’ would wear in an attempt to attract a younger man. Maybe that’s what she’s doing? I’m sure men would drool over her in this, but the red carpet at the Academy Awards is about showing skin in a classy way. I can stand to see-no-more dresses like this on her.

6. Melissa McCarthy- She’s been doing so well fashion-wise this awards season by wearing dresses that flatter her body. Yet at the biggest awards of the year, she chose this unfortunately unflattering Marina Rinaldi. The dress is too large up top which draws attention to her chest (not in a good way) and the sleeves make her arms look bigger than necessary- especially because they cut off just below her elbow. It would have been much better with shorter sleeves that fit to her body. She seems to be able to laugh at herself so she’ll hopefully be able to laugh off being on everyone’s worst dress list this week!

Ana Faris in Diane von Furstenberg.

7. Jennifer Lopez- Surprise surprise, Jennifer Lopez is wearing a revealing (Zuhair Murad) gown… We all know she isn’t shy about showing off her assets on the red carpet, but why did she choose to cut out holes in the sleeves of this dress? Oh, that’s the style of the dress… Ok… I don’t know why that’s necessary because she’s clearly showing enough skin with the plunging neckline, AND the fact her nipple was seen a few times I think is MORE than enough skin. The material is also lacking for me. I just think the overall dress takes away from her beauty, and also think she should invest in a bit more double sided tape for her next red carpet appearance.

8. Rooney Mara- This dress seems to have gotten her on both the best dressed lists, and the worst dressed lists. To me, she is the girl with the ugly, stiff looking dress… I hope she got paid to wear this Givenchy number because it is not flattering on this up-and-coming young star. The top just seems to hang off of her, and the color completely washes her out. Also, does anyone else think there’s something odd going on in the chest area? So boob flaps are in now? Let’s hope not…

Melissa Leo in Reem Accra

9. Kirsten Wiig- It’s not flattering to wear a dress that’s basically the same color as your skin tone, has she learned nothing this awards season? All of these dresses wash her out. I have not seen any color on her from the Golden Globes, to the SAAG’s, and was hoping maybe she was building up to something colorful for the Oscars? Apparently she was just preparing us for this failure of a dress. She usually makes us laugh, but no one’s smiling at this unsurprisingly dull choice in dress.

10. Berenice Bejo- People aren’t keeping quiet about their thoughts on this dress. The mint colored Elie Saab leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s just too old looking for this beautiful star. Now that we get the chance to hear her talk, there’s nothing she could say that would convince me she doesn’t deserve the final spot on my worst dressed list.

Jane Seymour in Pamella Roland

Melissa McCarthy in Marina Rinaldi
Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad.
Rooney Mara in Givenchy
Kristen Wiig in J. Mendel.
Berenice Bejo in Elie Saab.

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