‘GCB’ Review

5 Mar

The first few minutes of the show really made me doubt the show as the acting was terrible… Yet, as it progressed, the acting was still over-exaggerated at parts, but the plot grew which made it more watchable. I did find there were parts that were quite funny and witty; there were also parts where the show was just trying too hard.

The parts that I did find entertaining, which will be a constant throughout the show, were the parts when the women justified their actions by referring to the bible. They twisted the words of the bible in a way to make what they were doing not considerable as a ‘sin’. Aka- they were justifying their sneaky b****y ways. Which is different than a lot of shows with characters such as these, because the women in those shows know that they are like that, and are proud of it. These women however, believe they are true Christian’s, and are only doing good to benefit their community, as well as themselves.

The show takes place in Dallas which equals big accents, big hair, big bling, big boobs, and lots of attitude! Definitely a Desperate Housewives goes Dallas; yet, with more extremely unsubtle sexual innuendo’s. Again, some which were funny, and others which were over the top. They do say everything’s bigger in Texas!

Once it was over, I did more-so enjoy it than dislike it because the story-line is something new. It entertained me enough to stay tuned in for the hour, and enough that I will check out next weeks episode. I think next week will either make or break ‘GCB’, as the premiere has had many mixed reviews. I am hoping they cut down on the parts in which the acting and script were over-exaggerated, because then I’d be left with the witty parts that would lead to enjoyable television. Yet, I have a feeling this show might continue to be just a little bit over the top. Maybe that will work for the show? Maybe not…


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