Peter Vallone Against ‘GCB’… My Opinion About That

6 Mar

Peter Vallone, NYC Councilmen, wants ‘GCB’ off the air. He states that it is an attack on religion and is hoping people will join with him in boycotting the show.

This was obviously going to happen. You can’t have a show thats story line is based around Christian women in a scandalous light and not expect backlash. Do you know why this was bound to happen? Because people are way too over sensitive these days. I’m sorry, but it’s a television show, get over it. There is WAY worse going on in our world; put your focus, anger, and efforts into that. The ratings are going to be the reason it stays on the air, and people who don’t agree with it won’t be watching it, so what does it matter. If you don’t like it, turn off your tv. I don’t ever want to watch the movie ‘Daredevil’, so guess what? I won’t, and that’s my choice. Should I boycott it? No. Wanna know why? Because it’s a movie. If people want to share their stories, regardless of the content, then all the power to them. We can choose to agree or disagree. But this is a show on National Television; therefore it has passed enough boards to be appropriate enough for tv. So I say let the ratings do the talking and leave it at that Mr. Vallone.


3 Responses to “Peter Vallone Against ‘GCB’… My Opinion About That”

  1. logankeirstead March 7, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    You should contact Peter Vallone and suggest that he watches Kony 2012 when GCB is on.


  1. Cream Cheese Also Not Supporting ‘GCB’ « Ekstead - March 8, 2012

    […] thought the Peter Vallone situation was enough ( ). Now cream cheese? These ridiculous situations are making me want to support the show more and […]

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