Tim Tebow The Next ‘Bachelor’?

6 Mar

Rumors have been swirling that Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift are an item after they were spotted together a few times last week. Well, if that doesn’t come into fruition, he could always be the next ‘Bachelor’! I can just see it now ‘This season on the Bachelor… It’s Tebow Time!’

Last night on ‘Access Hollywood Live’, Chris Harrison (host of ‘The Bachelor’) stated that he had approached the NFL quarterback about being the next bachelor. Unfortunately, seeing as Tim Tebow is in the NFL, this upcoming season of his will pay a bit more than a gig on the bachelor; so gonna guess that’s not going to happen…Although I’m sure he would prove to be quite an entertaining bachelor, seeing as how the girls on that show get pretty wild, and how reserved he seems to be. Could be pretty entertaining to witness all the awkwardness! Personally, I enjoyed the rumors that he was dating Katy Perry. There have also been rumors that Kim Kardashian had a crush on him. Apparently every girl wants a piece of an innocent (millionaire) Christian boy!

Would you like to see Tim Tebow as ‘The Bachelor’?


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