KONY 2012

7 Mar

Speaking of more important issues- Kony 2012.

Even though everyone in this world comes from different societies, we are all people, and we are all valuable. 2012 is the year, with the help of social media, that we as a society can change the course of history. We can stop the L.R.A (Lord’s Resistance Army) and their leader, Joseph Kony. How can we do that? By making Kony famous…

Kony and his army have taken over 30,000 children from their parents. What they do is they turn the girls into sex slaves, and the boys into child soldiers (even forcing them to kill their parents). Could you imagine if anything like this happened in our own society? It would be stopped immediately. Yet, in Uganda, they don’t have the power, or the technology to do so. Kony’s cause for doing this? He has none; his only reason to do this is his fight to stay in power.

How can we stop him? By arresting him. But when the States were approached about this, they refused to get involved as they felt the issue was not ‘important enough’; therefore these children became invisible to them. Since then, people have worked to get the word out about Joseph Kony, and have since re-approached the government. After Washington was approached a second time, Barack Obama felt the issue important enough, and diploid U.S Forces to Uganda to assist the Ugandan army in tracking down Kony. The Ugandan Military must find Kony- In order for them to do that, they need the technology that only American advisers can provide. The issues is, if people don’t care about the mission, it will be cancelled. As of now, 99% of the population is not aware of who Joseph Kony is- we need to change that. How? By making him famous.

Please take the time to watch the video below to better understand the mission and how to get involved


Also visit this website for more information



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