Cream Cheese Also Not Supporting ‘GCB’

8 Mar

Philadelphia Cream Cheese will no longer be advertising during ‘GCB’. A company spokesperson told TMZ, “Philadelphia has decided to pull its advertising from ‘GCB’ … We have received a few complaints from consumers and their opinions about our advertising are important to us. We have recently decided to redirect our advertising to other programs.” Again, why are these people who are against the show even watching it?? Did people not expect a show which is based off the novel ‘Good Christian Bitches’ to be… well, about Christian women acting bitchy? I would never choose to not buy a product just because they aired commercials during a show I didn’t like. Probably because I wouldn’t watch the show, and therefore would not be aware of the advertisements.

I thought the Peter Vallone situation was enough ( ). Now cream cheese? These ridiculous situations are making me want to support the show more and more. How do you feel about the backlash ‘GCB’ has been receiving?


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