‘The Bachelor’

12 Mar

Looking at this photo, can you tell which one ‘The Bachelor’ is? Me either… Probably because I didn’t watch this season. But seriously, which one is it? Looks like the same person… Anywaaaay… I am normally addicted to these ridiculous, yet entertaining shows, but something turned me off from this season. Maybe it was the fact that Ben Flajnik was the worst… Didn’t even give him a chance, and for that I am grateful I didn’t waste my time. But for those of you hardcore bachelor watchers (I have nothing against you because I have been there, and will probably be there again) who may have skipped the finale, or for those of you who are simply curious, he chose Courtney Robertson- which apparently was not a surprise. Hopefully next season will be more entertaining? Maybe some Tebow Time? Either way, it won’t take much to top this past season.


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