Transgender Miss Universe Canada Contestant Disqualified

26 Mar

Miss Universe Canada has disqualified a B.C pageant finalist who was revealed to be transgender last Tuesday. Jenna Talackova, a 23 year-old Vancouver resident, was disqualified as a finalist after it was brought to light that she had undergone sexual reassignment surgery. Word of the situation was broke on Friday when pageant organizers released the statement that Talackova “did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form.”

Many have been protesting in support of Talackova- who has yet to make an official statement. In a YouTube video, Talackova stated that she describes herself as “having identified as a woman at four-years-old, beginning hormone therapy at 14.” She then went on to have a reassignment operation at 19 years-old.

The majority of us look back in history at slave owners in disgust; yet, here we are, still struggling to accept people for who they are. The idea of ‘normal’ should not exist in our society. What is ‘normal’? Everyone’s idea of it is different, which shows there is no such thing. We need to be accepting as a society of each other, and support each other regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, etc.

I fully support Jenna Talackova, and believe her disqualification is a reflection of the negativity our society projects on transgenders. Talackova is a female, and I am hopeful society will someday soon accept that.


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