Has Rihanna ‘Found Love’ With Ashton?

28 Mar

Rumor has it that 24 year-old Rihanna and 34 year-old Ashton Kutcher have been secretly dating for the past eight weeks. The latest rumor being that Rihanna wants Ashton to join her this summer in England where she will be performing in a few festivals.

While Rihanna was answering questions at her ‘Battleship’ press conference in London, a reporter asked if Ashton would in fact be joining her this summer. Rihanna’s response was that the question was firstly “disappointing” and followed that by stating “I am happy and I’m single, if that is what you are asking.” Ummm no, that wasn’t quite the question; but good way of dismissing it because that seemed to end any more questioning regarding the pair.

Rihanna has also been rumored to be seeing ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, while Kutcher has been rumored to be dating Lorene Scafaria. I’m sure if Rihanna is in fact dating Ashton, the truth won’t come out for a while. But to me, seems like they’re both living up the single life by enjoying each others company… and the company of others.

Do you believe the Rihanna & Ashton rumors?




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