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KONY 2012 Second Video- Beyond Famous

5 Apr

Below is the link to the 2nd video regarding KONY 2012. Unlike what many are saying, this is not a fad. People are united for this cause, and support is growing. Action is, and will be taken, to ensure these ‘Invisible Children’ will be invisible no more.

If you aren’t sure what the movement is about, or how to take action, check out this link –

Link to the second KONY 2012 video-


Dana Jean Pheonix

4 Apr

I thought this was really neat so had to share. Perez Hilton held a “Can You Sing” cover competition, where people sent in their versions of Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Starships’. Dana Jean Pheonix came in second place with her version of the song, but she was by far my favorite. Check out her unique multitrack acapella version below!

True Blood Return Date Announced

4 Apr

For all the ‘True Blood’ fans out there, mark your calendars! HBO has released a date for the highly anticipated Season 5 premiere- June 10th!

Waiting definitely sucks after the intense Season 4 finale. For those of you who need a quick refresher:

Sookie didn’t choose Bill or Eric, Debbie shot Tara in the head when Tara jumped in front of Sookie, Sookie killed Debbie, an old army friend of Terry’s showed up, Arlene was visited by Rene’s spirit to warn her about Terry’s friend, a werewolf tried to attack Sam, Alcide found the cement where Russell Edgington had been buried broken apart, Rev. Steve Newlin showed up at Jason’s door as a vampire, and Jesus (Lafayette’s boyfriend) died. So a few things happened to leave us fans hanging…

Are you anxious for Season 5 of ‘True Blood’??

Channing Tatum Gets Down With Sir Elton John

4 Apr

Last night Channing Tatum was caught grinding with… Sir Elton John? That’s right! It was all in good fun as the two performed a number at the Revlon Concert for the Rainforest event in New York City. Elton even went in for a butt pinch at one point, but who can blame him?

The charity event was organized by Sting’s wife, Trudy Styler (who were both in attendance). The event aimed to raise awareness of the plight of the Amazon rainforest.

Celebrity attendees included Meryl Streep, Aretha Franklin, Clive Davis, Jennifer Hudson, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, along with others.

Though there were many other performances throughout the evening (including a sedutive number between Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan), Tatum and Elton’s was definitely the highlight!

Rihanna Goes To Work In Her PJ’s

4 Apr

At the Japan premiere for her movie ‘Battleship’, Rihanna wore a pyjama (inspired) ensemble from Emilio Pucci’s Autumn/Winter 2012 line.

It is definitely a unique piece, and in a different setting this outfit really could have worked for her. She does pull it off better than most could, I just don’t find it to be red carpet appropriate.

What do you think of the look?

Update on Jenna Talackova

3 Apr

Great news!

The Miss Universe Organization released a statement, saying that they “Will allow Jenna Talackova to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant provided she meets the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions.”

Well Talackova is all female, so there shouldn’t be much issue with her meeting the ‘legal gender recognition requirements of Canada’.

After the news of Tackova’s disqualification broke a few weeks ago, GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) released a statement, saying “The Miss Universe Organization should look to state non-discrimination laws and institutions including the Olympics, NCAA and The CW’s America’s Next Top Model, which do not discriminate against transgender women.” They called on the Miss Universe Organization to review the case, which could very possibly be the reason for their change in decision.

Whatever the reason, the organization has taken a step in the right direction! Let’s just hope no more issues arise from this. Although that could be wishful thinking…

‘American Idol’ Mansion Used To Be The Setting For…

3 Apr

This. Is. Hilarious.

Last week, ‘American Idol’ put their finalists up in a massive Hollywood mansion. They failed to inform these contestants that they aren’t the first to appear on television in this mansion… It was the previous setting for Playboy Tv’s reality show ‘Swing’.

Can you guess what the show was about? That’s right, it was a show which documented a random group of swingers who lived in this mansion, and their X-rated sexcapades.

Two previous swingers from the show, Michael and Holli, told TMZ that “nothing in the finalists’ current digs was off limits for us… especially not the Idol finalists’ music room, where the singers practice.” When they said nothing was off limits, that includes counter tops, the elevator, bathrooms, outside, etc. The only thing off limits was the hot tub… But I still wouldn’t trust it.

I wonder if news of this has made any of the contestants uncomfortable enough to wanna move out? Let’s just say I would choose to prepare my meals on a plate as oppose to the counter tops from this point on.