‘American Idol’ Mansion Used To Be The Setting For…

3 Apr

This. Is. Hilarious.

Last week, ‘American Idol’ put their finalists up in a massive Hollywood mansion. They failed to inform these contestants that they aren’t the first to appear on television in this mansion… It was the previous setting for Playboy Tv’s reality show ‘Swing’.

Can you guess what the show was about? That’s right, it was a show which documented a random group of swingers who lived in this mansion, and their X-rated sexcapades.

Two previous swingers from the show, Michael and Holli, told TMZ that “nothing in the finalists’ current digs was off limits for us… especially not the Idol finalists’ music room, where the singers practice.” When they said nothing was off limits, that includes counter tops, the elevator, bathrooms, outside, etc. The only thing off limits was the hot tub… But I still wouldn’t trust it.

I wonder if news of this has made any of the contestants uncomfortable enough to wanna move out? Let’s just say I would choose to prepare my meals on a plate as oppose to the counter tops from this point on.



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